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on October 25, 2012

Hopefully I got it all out this morning. Dropping stuff everywhere — knocked off the calendar when I was signing in, knocked my clipboard over several times, hit my toe on the box. Lovely way to start the morning, yeah? >.<

Today was weird overall, too — all the weights felt light when I was initially picking them up to set up, but they were all ridiculously heavy when I started actually lifting, and my numbers were all lower than last time. Weirdness.

Repeat — for me — from a few weeks ago. Although, since yesterday was trap bar deadlifts, and the trainer knows that I like the big lifts, she asked me if I wanted to sub those in for the horizontal pullups. Yes, please!

A. Trap bar deadlift: 1x80lbs (bar), 6x130lbs, 2x150lbs

I tried to lift 155, but just could not get it off the floor. So dropped off the extra 5 lbs, but could only squeak out 2 reps at 150.

B. 30s on / 15s off each, then 1-min rest. 4 rounds total:
B1. back squat (Oly bar): 13, 10, 12, 10
B2. push press (15lb dbs): 13, 12, 11, 10
B3. upright row (15lb dbs)/shrugs (25lb dbs): 14 / 11, 11, 12

My elbow is apparently still tweaked. I went to do the first upright row and squeaked — ouchies! So the trainer had me switch to shrugs instead.

C. 1min on / 15s off each, then 1-min rest. 3 rounds total:
C1. row (for cals): 10, 10, 11
C2. box jumps (12″): 26, 23, 29*
C3. burpees: 10, 13, 13
C4. 2-hand db snatch: 17 (15lb dbs), 17 (12 lbs dbs), 15 (12)

*stepped down rather than jumping down. Apparently this makes a big difference…?

Had to drop the weight on the snatch as my right shoulder couldn’t support the weight at the top or on the way down (and that typically means that I bop myself in the skull with a dumbbell, so I lowered the weight a smidge instead).

The whole circuit here wasn’t quite so bad as last time, but that was only because there was a new lady (Big Jon and Ethan’s mom!) who didn’t know the exercises, so we got a few extra seconds of rest while the trainer made sure she was set up properly.


2 responses to “Butterfingers

  1. kintanon says:

    Sounds like CNS overload. You might be over training slightly. Could be time to take two days off from lifting.

    • leslie says:

      *pout* But I just took last Thursday off from lifting. Why I no recover? And I’ve been thinking that I’m not training enough BJJ during the week already. Grr. Do not want to be such a wimp 😦

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