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on October 20, 2012

…of hair, that is. My hair, which I’ve been growing out since January, is now long enough to all fit in a ponytail! (It stays for about 3 seconds, but it will all go.) However, this also means that it’s long enough to get caught and ripped and pulled, and several times in the last few weeks, giant chunks of hair — nearly large enough to be a sentient creature itself — have come out during class. When it was short it could still get caught, but big pieces like this didn’t come out. Eh. I’ll probably cut it again in January. Just kinda curious right now to see how long it will get in a year.

I tweaked my elbow on Wednesday night. Didn’t feel anything at the time, but when I woke up for my workout on Thursday morning, I could hardly use that arm. Fabulous. So I crawled back under the covers. This morning I intended to go to class, but I forgot to set the alarm, and so slept right through that, too. Bah.

Interesting — I have been thinking that everyone in class is more relaxed on Friday nights, because it’s almost like I know jiu-jitsu sometimes. I’m wondering, though, if they’re just more tired from training all week, which I haven’t done, and so if that’s what makes everything seem more balanced. Probably.

Oh, and I finally got to roll with another woman! Lol, it’s been awhile. (Drilling, yes, because some of the new girls come to the Fundamentals Classes, but then they leave.) Janet came in up here tonight, so I got to train with her (and even grabbed a second roll during Open Mat. Until I had regular female training partners, I didn’t realize what I was missing, and then I suppose I started taking it for granted… until I lost that regular training again.)


One response to “Hunks

  1. erika says:

    People are definitely more relaxed on Fridays at the gyms I have been to! Friday open mats genuinely feel like play to me — even though I get some good, hard rolls in, the overall mood is much lighter. We were doing cartwheels afterwards yesterday. And at least where I am, the people who show up for open mat are not necessarily people who have been training all week. (The other Friday classes are also very relaxed, especially the night class since people do not have any reason to rush home, but open mat even more so.)

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