Rainy Monday mornings

…are meant for snuggling under warm covers and drowsing to the pitter of raindrops. Alas, I took my one lazy day last week, so I required that I get myself up for lifting class this morning.

Ugh, shoulder volume day.

A. Warmup circuit, 3 rounds:
A1. 15 airsquats
A2. 10 pushups
A3. max stroke length on the rowing machine (2:28? I think. I forget.)

B. 4-6 rep max:
Bench Press: 45lbs (bar) x 6, 65 lbs (>50% BW) x 4

I really wanted to do more and go heavier, but my left wrist just couldn’t handle it. Not nearly as bad as last week, but not great. I think a lot of it is the angle that it’s trying to maintain while gripping a barbell.

C. Superset, 3 rounds for max reps (or 15):
C1. Incline bench press: 15x20lb dbs, 10x20lb dbs, 8x20lb dbs
C2. Inverted row: 15, 10, 10

D. Another set, 3 rounds, AMRAP in 30s:
D1. lateral raise: 5lb dbs: 17, 15, 17
D2. tricep pulldown (using the pullup assistance bands): 17, 17, 17

E. Circuit: 21-15-9 for time: 6:15
E1. burpee
E2. db swing (20lbs)


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