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on October 11, 2012

On Monday morning when my alarm went off at 5:30am, I somehow convinced myself that I had a good reason for missing class that morning, so I set my backup alarm and curled back under the covers. When I woke up for real, I couldn’t figure out what that “good reason” had been. Maybe it was just a dream…

My thumbs/wrists have been getting better. But then last night in class, I heard my left thumb say, “Crack!” It seemed alright for the rest of class (which was only until the end of the roll) and for the rest of the night. But this morning, lifting a barbell was straight up pain. Lurvely.

This morning, I woke up about 15 minutes before the alarm. I tried to convince myself again that I had a good reason to skip, but I lost that argument.

A1. Air squats: 3×15
A2. Situps: 3×10
A3. Ball slams: 3×10

B. Barbell complex: 4×5. Which looked innocuous on paper because it was only 1 line. But in reality that 1 line contained 5 exercises that each had to be done 5 times per round for 4 rounds.

  • Upright row – bar, bar, 15lb dbs, 12lb dbs
  • Hang snatch – bar, bar, 15lb dbs, 12lb dbs
  • Thruster – bar, 15lb dbs, 15lb dbs, 12lb dbs
  • Bent-over row – bar, bar, 15lb dbs, 12lb dbs
  • Hang snatch – bar, 15lb dbs, 15lb dbs, 12ld dbs

I struggled through the first round with a regular barbell, constantly modifying the angle of my grips to alleviate the strain on my thumb — and even when I tried not using my thumb, the pressure of the bar at the top as it rested on the pad there was too much — but I was still in a whole lot of pain. I tried to get through the second round, but couldn’t rack the bar for thrusters at all. (I nearly dropped it on my head during the first round, so that didn’t go much better.) Wrist/thumb just would not turn that way again. So I skipped over thrusters, then the trainer brought over a pair of 15lb dumbbells; I switched to those and went back to do the thrusters. Then the last round, the weakness that’s been lingering in my arms was starting to reappear — I’d clunked my head with a db in the thruster set in round 3 (p.s. Ouch.)– so I opted to drop the weight.

Oh, but we’re not done…

C. 3×12
C1. Incline bench – 3x15lb dbs
C2. Pullups or horizontal pullups – 1xgreen band, 2xrings
C3. Reverse DB fly – 3x5lb dbs

Still not done!!

D. 4 rounds. Time: 12:56
D1. 30 mountain climbers
D2. 20 pushups
D3. 10 groiners (from full pushup position, jump feet next to hands, then jump feet back)
D4. 5 burpees

So there’s that whole thing where my left thumb/wrist no longer works by this time… and all of these at some point require a full pushup position, that is, supporting yourself on your hands… yeah… So this was pretty much an exercise in gritting my teeth and babying my left wrist as much as possible. I started either pushing up on my fingers on that side (for some reason that doesn’t hurt) or dropping to my forearm as soon as possible. It was still pretty much the most miserable thing ever.


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