Testing #1 — Rocking Level 1

On the wall at the place where I lift are two sets of posters. One lists the Levels and the requirements for each; the other lists the people who have achieved each Level.

Today was Testing Day, to see how we’re doing towards the next Level. Since I’ve never done this before, I walked over to the Level 1 testing poster, did the math on the lifts, and then set those numbers as the minimums that I aim for. And I totally rocked them all.

  • Trap-bar deadlift: 150lbs (needed BW, ~130lbs)
  • Pull-ups: 3 (needed 1)
  • Incline Bench Press: 50lbs (needed ~45lbs)
  • Front Squat: 85lbs (needed 65lbs)
  • Row 500m: 2:06 (max allowed 2:20)

Deadlift was funny because I was working in with another lady who has done this before. We’re supposed to be ramping up our weights, which she was doing. So I decided to just lift what she put on the bar. Bar itself is 85lbs. Then she said, “Let’s add 25s,” so we did and I lifted it and then I did the math on the weight and realized I’d just DL’ed my bodyweight. Heh. So then I went a little higher just for the fun of it.

Incline press — I’m pretty sure I can lift more total weight, but my thumbs, wrists, and shoulders are still not entirely cooperative. After I nearly dropped a 25lb dumbbell on my face, I decided I should stop there. Yeah…


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