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Progress Report, September 2012

on September 30, 2012

It is, admittedly, very strange to only train 3 days a week, and even to take those off if there’s a good reason. And when I do take one off, particularly a Friday, it feels like there’s so much time between classes. On the other hand, I feel that my brain and my body are both recovering better, and I feel as if I’m absorbing more information.

Big Tom and I were discussing class the other night during my chiropractor appointment with him. We both feel that we’re not tired enough at the end of class and that our rolls always seem to be about the same. Despite being 100lbs bigger, he has a similar attitude to training that I do — let the other person set the pace and guide the positions. There are some other guys who do the same, and it’s always a bit disconcerting to roll with them because they are waiting on me to do something. But then with people who are intent on winning all the things, who want everything their way, I sit back and let them wear themselves out while making sure I’m protecting myself from injuries.

My knee is still iffy. Shrimping is still not on the agenda. This is very frustrating, and I still get thrown out of large parts of my game because of the small movements that my knee won’t do. However, I do think the morning lifting classes are helping with overall alignment and muscle recruitment and stuff, which is what I wanted. I’m more conscious of my knees trying to turn in there, so that should eventually move over to being more conscious of what my knees are doing in jiu-jitsu. And, too, hopefully soon the knee will be better. That would be nice.

I made up a list of goals for lifting heavy things. Some of the ones I’ve hit so far are:

  • 2′ box jump
  • 2 min plank
  • Overhead press 25% BW (32.25lbs): 60lbs {50% BW is 64.5lbs — if only I’d known I was so close!}
  • Back squat 50% BW (64.5lbs): 95lbs {75% BW is 96.75lbs!!! I should review these lists before class!}

It’s a little hard to hit some of them, as I can only do what we do in class. However, this next week there’s a “Health Expo” in the corporate park where I work, and the on-site gym is free for 3 hours a day. I will likely make a list of remaining lifts (deadlift, OH squat, bench press) and go in to see what I can get on those (and to hit those two close ones above).


3 responses to “Progress Report, September 2012

  1. Nate Carroll says:

    Aren’t knee injuries such mischievous little bastards; perfectly functional during guard passes or triangle attempts, but then a sudden shift of base puts us down for the count. Your words bespeak of dedication. Good luck on your journey.

    • leslie says:

      Or perfectly functional during 95% of a technique, and then inoperable for that crucial 5% — even worse if the 5% is not even at the end, making a big hump in the middle of a move that you have to get around. Boo, knee injuries!

  2. Shark GIrl says:

    Those larger partners who sit back and wait for me to do stuff, they always confuse me. I know they are letting me set the pace, but there’s something so unnatural about it. I mean, I would NEVER start a rumble with a muscly 200# man–I would run away! That’s reality! : )
    Hope you are 100% soon.

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