Weekly notes

Listening to the Paleo Solution Podcast for this week. Around minute 20, they start talking about people who think of themselves as “advanced” (in Crossfit) but who find out that they have basic movement issues hindering their progress. The guest, Dave, says that these people get discouraged and think of themselves as beginners all over again; he, on the other hand, thinks of hearing something like that as a moment to stop, fix the issue, and then continue from where he was.

Then Robb brings in jiu-jitsu, ego, and confronting bad habits. Dave comments that some people just don’t want to lose, ever, even if it’s just a drill, and that that becomes the goal in every moment, every roll, every second: to beat your opponent. If you then asked that same guy the reasons he does jiu-jitsu, “beating the opponent” is not one of the reasons. But it’s the only thing he’s trying to actually do when he trains.

Do your jiu-jitsu actions match your jiu-jitsu words?

On Monday, we nearly had an inadvertent Women’s Class — at time to start, there were 5 women on the mat, including 2 new girls. All the guys showed up in a bunch several minutes later, and we ended up with a huge class. One of the girls said that her father trains up in Chicago and loves it, and then she saw us down here and decided to drag her friend along with her.

Heh, I was just thinking about that “newbie window” the other night, and then Georgette referenced it in her “Common BJJ beginner questions…”. Those first few weeks when they have no clue what they’re doing, I can have some fun with them. But as soon as we teach them a few basic things, meh.

New guys this week. One, Daniel, has come to us by way of Richmond BJJ (Eric Burdo) with some time also with Andrew and at Fifty/50.

Another guy, lol, I thought those forearm tattoos looked familiar; turns out he used to train with us a few years ago.

It would be helpful if all my joints would be healthy, and especially if they could all manage to do it at the same time. My thumbs are still bothering me, wrists occasionally spazz; knee is getting itself twisted around and hurts; toe is still stiff from being sprained. As it stands, I spend most rolls just thinking about defending myself because I have too many things that are already hurt and that could get hurt more.


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