Who has two working thumbs–?

Oh, wait, not me. The right one was swollen and not working well on Monday. It’s still a little creaky. Then yesterday morning, the left one — and its attached wrist — woke up hurting ohsobadly. I had intended to go to my lifting class this morning, but decided that I wouldn’t be able to hold a weight with that hand, so rolled back over and slept in. It won’t be any good in class tonight, as it’s more than just pain when it’s hit. No, this is constant aching. I have no idea what I did that caused that. I’ve modified a soft wrist brace I have to just wrap around my palm and pin the thumb in place. Of course, then it can’t help my wrist, which is also achy. Basically, I can use my fingertips on that hand, and that’s it. Bah.

I’m out the next few days anyway; I’m heading off to see my best friend and her new baby. I’ll be back when I get back, lol. And maybe by then my body will have sorted itself out.


3 thoughts on “Who has two working thumbs–?

  1. I thought this would be a purple belt promotion post at first, as for some reason, there have been a few people announcing promotions with “who has got two thumbs and a…” recently. Is that an American thing, or just an idiom I’m not familiar with? 🙂

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