Thrusters :(

Well, the warmth has deserted us, and it was cold this weekend. I cleaned out the garden since all the plants had died and also cleared a flower bed.

Warmup, then mountain climbers followed by 3×10 pushups & squats.

Lift: 4-6 rep max of chinups. (Listed as “weighted,” but this morning there were only 4 of us ladies there, so we all did “assisted” instead.) I used the purple band, and just barely made 6 reps. Did 2 sets just because.

Then she had us do a negative chinup — get up and hold, then slowly lower over 30 seconds. Killer.

Circuit. Time: 19:15, bleh:
Rounds: 25, 20, 15, 10, 5

  • Thrusters (12lbs dbs. Don’t laugh.)
  • DB snatch (12lbs dbs again. Too light.)
  • Situps

I don’t know if it was the yardwork this weekend (lots of hoeing and weeding) or what, but my shoulders were just not excited about thrusters at all, neither the motion itself nor supporting the weight at the top. Snatch was okay, though the dumbbells were too light for that (though not sure how the shoulders would have dealt with a higher weight at the top).


  • 3-point row — 1×16/arm — 20lbs
  • hammer db curls — 3×12 — 12lbs

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