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Workout, Sept 6, 2012

on September 6, 2012

Workout this morning repeated my second workout.

Warmup included situps and mountain climbers, 3×15.

Shoulder press: 6x15lbs (practice bar), 6x45lbs, 4x60lbs. Same weight as last time, but my arms & joints were being weird, so I didn’t want to push them.

Circuit. Time: 20:23.

  • row 500m (one time only)
  • 40 pullups (chinups, green band)
  • 80 pushups (knees. Release.)
  • 120 situps (on ball)
  • 160 air squats

I still mostly followed the 4-set split (10/20/30/40), except I further supersetted pullups and squats in 2 rounds (that is, did two sets of 5 pullups + 20 squats to hit the 1 regular split).

Improvement: green band for pullups rather than doing inverted rows. Time improved by ~3 minutes.
Stagnation: pushups on knees.
Regression: chinups (underhand grip). situps on ball. (However, my reason here is that I have, er, road rash on my tailbone from the previous weeks of situps on the turf in the facility. It’s made jiu-jitsu “interesting” for this open guard player, I’ll tell you that.)

Triceps extensions. 3×20 @ 5lb dbs. At least I didn’t hit myself in the head this time.


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