Long time no train

Tyler put together this video from a couple of our classes. My favorite part is around 2:48, when the guys are rolling between the shadows cast by the window stickers. And also the expression on Andrew’s face when he turns to finish the kimura and sees the camera right there.

The problem with not writing things down immediately is that I forget how it went. So now I can’t remember if I had a good week of training or a bad week, if I got to work on what I wanted or not. Last night was “eh”: missed the warmup/rolls because I got held over at work, then didn’t get a chance in the little bit of rolling later to work on anything.

It’s a long holiday weekend here in the US, so I won’t be training in anything on Monday. I may pop in to the 6am workout class on Tuesday. Then I’m likely leaving for extra days the next weekend to go visit with my best friend and her new baby (!!!!).


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