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Tabata II

on August 30, 2012

This morning, we repeated the first workout I did here. This time I got actual numbers. (Also, I obliterated my first time numbers in nearly every exercise. Boo. yah.)

Warmup. Then ball slams & hollow rocks.

Push press: 6x70lbs (6x65lbs, 6xbar). I think I could do more weight, except my left wrist was about to collapse under me. No bueno.

Tabata — 8 round each:

  • inverted rows — 63 (prev: 53)
  • bw squats — 117 (prev: 102)
  • situps — 95 (on ball) (prev: ?? but much lower)
  • row — 39kcal (prev: 34)
  • pushups — 70 (on knees; toe won’t bend) (prev: 37)

A bit unfair on the situps & pushups, as I had to drop to an easier way to do them to accommodate various hurt bits.

Finished off with 1×20 RDL, bar only.

The trainer noted today that several times my knees were collapsing together before performing a movement. And that is precisely why I need this class — I’m sure I have movement patterns and habits that are contributing to the large increase in joint issues that I’ve had in jiu-jitsu. Hopefully fixing the issues here will translate to better longevity on the mat.

Also, I’ve heard that some of my old posts may be republishing or showing up in feed readers. I have no idea, but sorry about that!


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