Monday morning, August 20, 2012

Warmup: 3×10 squats & situps.

Then: 3xmax pullups. I tried unassisted and couldn’t quite get 1. So used the green assistance band (trainer said that was the “middle” band). Felt like it was going to propel me through the ceiling! Next time I’ll probably use the one with the least assistance.

One set of 9, then two sets of 7.

Circuit, 5 rounds for time:

  • 10 box jumps (20″, 20″, 8″, 20″, 8″)
  • 10 clapping pushups (all from knees, boo)
  • 20 db swings (30, 30, 30, [10×30 + 10×20], 20)

My time was 11:48, finishing behind everyone else. Meh.

Auxiliary: 3×12 horizontal pullups.


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