Some weeks — heck, even some days — seem to be a condensed version of all my time training. Every scenario, replayed. Though at least now with the strong spazzy new guys, I can defend myself far more intelligently. I can even sweep them sometimes! (Well, at least for half a second or so.) And, more importantly, I’m confident enough in myself and in my defense that I will even try to sweep and attack (although still sometimes when I really should have been more cautious, as “bad things” came very close to happening). I used to just defend only, and my defense was far more limited. I wrote this about defense in response to a question on my FAQs page:

…”defense” is not just holding guard and passively waiting them out for the round. Defense is keeping/getting yourself in a position from which they can’t effectively spazz at you. I swept those boys, threatened chokes [to make them back away], fought hard to regain the position I wanted, stripped grips, made grips, off-balanced them, and generally made the round as tiring for them as I could.

We’re getting very close to the start of the college semester, so all the guys who went home for the summer will be coming back soon and getting to see the new place for the first time. Expect some crowded mats!


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