Short Answers to Search Engine Terms, #1

small female can’t get out from under big guy in jiu-jitsu: 1) don’t get under him in the first place, and 2) this, all. day. long:

white belts being rude to black belts: when a man can literally kill you with his bare hands, it’s probably a bad idea to disrespect him…

keep forgetting things while in bad positions in this normal: yes, totally normal. You’re under both physical and mental stress; it’s a wonder you can even remember your name. More mat time.

when do you know your jiu jitsu is getting good white belt: when you’re calm, and you know where you are and what you should be doing next (even if you can’t actually ever pull it off).

bjj not getting better: yes, you are; you just can’t see it yet.

brazilian jiu jitsu why do i keep getting submitted: you’re most likely out of position. Elbows in, chin near a shoulder (protect yo’ neck!); get on your side and start working back to guard.

2 months into bjj and keep getting smashed: So what’s the question? … Oh, you think that’s unusual? LOL, bless your little heart. 1) Getting smashed means you’re training with more experienced guys; this is good, as it means you can learn from them, and 2) you will get smashed for years since these guys will continue to be better than you, so you might as well get used to it. Also, read this.

best way to get better quicker at bjj: more mat time.

if girls train really hard, can we become stronger than boys: stronger? No, we don’t have the genes for it. More technical? Better at jiu-jitsu? Able to hold our own and even finish submissions against boys? Yes, absolutely.

jiu jitsu grappling with women wife jealous: 1) 99.999999% of women training are not interested in you at all, except as another training partner, and 2) let her train, too, and she’ll see why.

how to not get hurt doing jiu jitsu: the best way to not get injured doing jiu-jitsu is to not do jiu-jitsu. Seriously. You will most likely get hurt at some point. That kind of thing happens with full-contact martial arts. (I got hurt frequently in TKD, too, so, ya know… Of course, I also walk in to doorknobs and tables, too…) Most injuries are small things, like sprained toes, broken fingers, or pulled muscles. More serious injuries don’t occur as often, but are usually the result of lots of small things going wrong at once and very rarely from maliciousness. E.g., my MCL went “BOOM!” during class with no one touching it. General recommendations for avoiding unnecessary injury:

  • Tap early, tap often. Remind your ego that being able to train again tomorrow is more important than hyperextending your arm now.
  • Remember that your training partner is a teammate and not an opponent. (In that vein, avoid training partners who don’t realize this and who train wildly.)
  • Train at the appropriate intensity for yourself and for your partner.
  • Be honest with yourself when you’re tired: can you still defend yourself in a controlled and responsible manner?
  • Take time off occasionally to let your body heal and repair. Come back stronger.

6 thoughts on “Short Answers to Search Engine Terms, #1

  1. All of this, yes!

    And, if your wife won’t “let” you train with women and you’re in my class, I am not sitting out a round so you can partner up with a dude. This is your issue, not mine. You sit on the sidelines and watch until your wife gets over her hissy fit. Same for not rolling with me for religious reasons. That’s fine. You don’t have to roll with me. We have plenty of partners. But, if the day comes where your life choice causes me to miss training, I am no longer accepting your life choice because it is now negatively impacting MY life choice (and my training time and money).

    Guess who has a hot button issue about being expected to sit out because someone else has an issue with my gender?

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