Monday morning workout, August 13, 2012

Aw, no more using my toe as a reason for sleeping in. It’s still purple, but at least the swelling has gone down and I can put most of my weight on it when walking. So it’s getting there, which of course means that it’s time to start training again.

There’s a general “move things around” warmup, then we jumped in to the real warmup: 3×10 of Supermans, ball slams, and box jumps. The trainer wanted to have me do something else in place of box jumps, but I really wanted to do them (sick puppy, eh?), so I jumped on the little box. Toe was not terribly happy with that decision, but there were no sharp pains so I kept going anyway.

Lift for the day: shoulder press. Work up to 4-6 rep max. 1×6 with bar, 1×6 + 10, 1×5 + 15. So max: 60lbs.

Circuit for time:

  • row 500m (one time only)
  • 40 pullups (I did inverted pullups on the rings)
  • 80 pushups (only managed 1 on my feet; others on knees. Also, these were “release” pushups [body goes entirely on the ground, lift hands, then pushup].)
  • 120 situps
  • 160 air squats

We could do these broken up however we wanted. The board had each divided by 4 as one option (four rounds of 10/20/30/40), so I went with that one. Finished in 23:17.

Then triceps extensions, 3×20. Apparently my triceps haven’t gotten a lot of work recently, as they were weaaaak. Started with 10-lb dbs, but had to switch to 5s. And those were still murder. My left arm was pretty much useless by the 3rd set; I’d let my arm drop from the top and just try to slow the weight down do I didn’t hit myself in the head too hard. (Hit myself in the head frequently, just trying for not too hard.)


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