Another day, another sprained toe


I was exhausted from my Monday morning workout all day Monday, and then was sore all Tuesday and Wednesday. (Did I mention that I also absolutely smashed my tailbone into the box we were squatting to in the air squats? No? Oh, uh, carry on, then…) Class Monday night and Wednesday night was rough as pretty much everything still hurt; heck, just sitting at work was hard because I was so sore. (And the bruised tailbone did not help.) Standing up, of course, was even worse as things had to move, and they didn’t appreciate that. At least everyone at work is used to me being broken in some way or the other.

Then Wednesday night toward the end, I was rolling with a newer guy and my left big toe — which had always previously escaped injury — got caught under him and bent back. Even he heard it pop. I squeaked and we stopped.

Swollen and purple the next morning, so no Thursday morning lifting class. I can still hardly walk on it and so can’t go to class tonight. Again. *le sigh*

I’ve co-opted the couch at work and have sat here icing my toe for two days.

I am seriously, seriously tired of breaking all the time. (I can has adamantium skeleton plz?)


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