Tournaments & Tabatas

Last week’s BJJ training focused on tournament prep for those going, so there was much rolling and conditioning. My knee was not a fan.

I did go to the tournament in Richmond, though I mostly worked tables and didn’t see many of my teammates compete. We had 3 women competing — Sara, Aubrey, and Janet — and I saw some of their matches. Some really good women there this weekend, and I was very sad that I didn’t get the chance to get trounced by them.

Then there was a game of Munchkin that started at 11pm (I think that must be a secret rule — all games must start at 11pm).

But, I’ve finally done something about this slow-recovering joint: I joined a nearby gym (0.7 miles from my house!). I met with the trainer on Friday. Today was my first day — group class at 6am.

I did actually make it on time, which if you know me in the mornings is just about a miracle. The gym has a cycle of 18 workouts (6 days a week, so 3 weeks worth); today was #14: warmup, push press, tabata hell (8 tabata [20s on/10s rest] of inverted row, air squats, situps, rowing, & pushups), then RDL x 20. My forearms were lost after inverted rows, my quads were done after squats; couldn’t walk again after rowing; weakest pushup attempts you’ve ever seen.

All day long I’ve been a pile of mush. My body is all bewildered at what I did to it. Yeah, tonight’s BJJ class is gonna be a blast…

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