Progress Report, July 2012

The knee has still made no progress. Side control escapes the last two weeks had it aching and miserable again. And I’m finally tired enough of being broken that I’m actually going to do something about it (other than complain). So, this Friday, I’m going in for an orientation at a gym that’s 0.7 miles from my house. 6am workouts, here I come! (Oh, dear…)

And yet, despite being a gimp (not to mention all the other self-inflicted injuries from this month — sheesh!), overall things feel pretty good. I feel as if, overall, I’m doing the right things and thinking about the right things and working on the right things and moving the right way without thinking about it too overly much. And there have even been some moments where I started to think about something with a “Hrm, wonder if that would work?”, and then decided to just try it and find out. Most end in spectacular failure, lol, but sometimes things work out the way I wanted (even if not quite the way I anticipated).

(I’m sure it’s also helping that I’m still only training ~3 days/week [and sometimes less!]. Not quite so burned out, perhaps?)

Also: Nerd? Fitness? Yes, please. (You’re welcome!)


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