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Bring the pression

on July 25, 2012

The theme last week, continued from the previous, was side control escapes, which require bridging and turning. Bah. Knee is so completely unhappy with that motion still. But some of the escapes were quite fun (knee to face!), and I’ll be glad when I can do them totally for real.

I had been holding out hope that the knee would fix itself in these last two weeks so that I could sneak in to the tournament this coming Saturday in Richmond. But no dice. I’m going to have to do something more serious to get this knee all the way back since “train more” doesn’t seem to be doing it. (Though every solution I’ve come up with so far involves getting out of bed very, very early in the morning. Ugh.)

Did get some good rolls in last week, including one with Tim on Friday, in which he submitted me several times with side control pressure only. Then he admitted that he was purposely working on his pressure there, so at least I didn’t feel like I was just being a wimp and tapping to non-existent things.

Oh, we have a new guy, Matt, a blue belt who most recently trained at Fifty/50 but has moved down here for work. He’s nice and squirrelly and likes throwing inverted Berimbolos.

If you want a standing desk at work but can’t get one, hack one:


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