Not forgotten

No such luck — I haven’t dropped off the planet. Just have been busy and will likely remain so, and it seems that both training and blogging every day are going to take the biggest hit. The freelance writing work I’ve picked up needs some serious attention during the week, so I need to take 2 evenings to do pretty much just that. Tuesday and Thursday seem like the best candidates, and that also gives me more recovery time between classes, which my body is all but demanding. Then the remaining nights are packed with several classes and then everything that I now can’t do on Tuesday and Thursday, so there’s less time for things like the blogging.

My knee is still being a bum. It just doesn’t seem to be getting better as quickly as I would like (as in, we’re several months past my patience level). There’s the US Grappling tournament in Richmond August 4th that I really want to do — and that most of my team is heading up for — but I can’t be sure if the knee will be up to competition. It’s doing better, but still seems to quit when I need it most. With some smaller and/or trusted people, I’ve been working on butterfly hooks; sometimes they even do some work.

Last week I drilled once with Navid, one of the purple belts, and he had such crushing side control pressure that I decided I want to emulate that. So that will be my focus for a while, I think. (Until I get distracted by something else shiny.) I think it also clicked because I’ve been getting tossed around a lot recently, mostly because I’m not resisting too much in an effort to not strain my knee. But then when I do try to keep top, I’m all twisted around in my head. So, heavy on top sounds like the plan.

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