Friday, July 6, 2012

Ended up being no class on Wednesday (July 4th) evening. But that was okay, as I was at my parents’ for a cookout anyway.

Meh, I need to get more sleep. I started a new video game this week — Kingdoms of Amalur (kind of Skyrim meets Twilight Princess) — and so have been staying up far too late. So by today, I was dragging.

At least work was interesting. In fact, I’m not sure that took many breaks today because I was actually diving in really deep and loving it. (Editing + formatting = love.) Neck was all sorts of stiffness.

Nogi Fundamentals

Started with a rather longer warmup than usual. Evident very quickly that my “get up and go” has done got up and went. Doh. Then partnered up for armbars from mount, for time. Seems easy, but then you die.

Drilling was basic guard break and knee cut-through pass. I like basics. Then a couple rounds of rolling. (So much for the “no rolling in the Fundamentals class,” lol.) Guillaume, a while belt boy, and Jamie. Mostly let the white belt thrash around under mount (though did grab one armbar from mount — hey, we just drilled it, might as well). Then Jamie tied my head and arms up into several pretzels and also footlocked me while I was on his back. Wait a minute… that’s supposed to be a good position for me!

Short break before the next class, but I had to leave. I’ve taken on some freelance writing jobs recently (big huge squeeee!!), and I need functioning brain cells and energy in order to work on them. I worked last night, and then left early tonight in order to get more work in. First draft is nearly done!

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