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Oh, hey, Tuesday class!

on July 3, 2012

I had some errands to run after work, but then didn’t have enough time to go home, drop everything off, and then get back for class, so I just went early, changed into my gi pants and rashguard, and sat. The kids’ class was going on.

Intermediate/Advanced, BJJ

Shelby was back tonight. Awesome to get more women training.

Warmup. Then straight on to drilling. Review of the double-under pass from last night, then on to a counter with a slick transition to taking the back with a choke. Drilled with Shelby. Drilling for the rest of class, as we did several things there.

Open Mat

I asked Shelby if she wanted to roll. She was totally up for it. (She said she used to play rugby, so I figured her for a rough-and-tumble, dive-right-in kind of girl. And she is.) We did that for a few minutes, then stopped to talk to Janet and Jen, who were sitting near us.

My knee did well all night. Now the complaint is that the brace starts to stick in some places and shift in others after it gets wet from sweat, and so that ends up pinching the skin behind my knee. Not pleasant. Maybe I’ll start putting a pull-on brace under it. Or something.

Now I’m home listening to the pre-firework fireworks and waiting on the storm that’s looming on the horizon. Tomorrow is July 4th, so I have the day off from work, though we do still have all classes scheduled. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll go tomorrow, though; we’ll see.


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