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Getting the power back

on June 30, 2012

Oi, vey! Hard to get back in the rhythm of going to class. So used to having nights that would be free so I’m used to scheduling errands and such. Then Aubrey’s parents & another couple came in to town on Thursday; I had dinner with them, then she headed off with them for a motorcycle ride to Michigan. And suddenly it was Friday and I hadn’t trained since Monday. Meh.

When I walked in last night, Tim asked me where I’d been and started listing the days I’d missed. He said “Wednesday?” I said that I don’t like getting punched in the face (since Wednesday is MMA class). He said, “6:30?” I said, “Huh?” Then he told me that there’s a new gi class on Wednesday nights after MMA. *Squee!!!* The more the gi, the more there’s a merrier me!

Nogi Fundamentals

I’m still slow on the warmups, but at least I can do them all. (Somehow, my right-shoulder forward rolls have broken. Like, awful. I dunno what that’s all about…). Straight in to drilling — bump sweep variation, then taking the back as an alternative. Drilled with Janet. (Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am for similarly-sized training partners? Seriously.)

While drilling the bump sweep variation, somewhere near the end of that time, I pushed and turned off my left knee and it screamed at me. Did it all sorts of wrong, apparently. So I stopped for a short while to stretch and massage it out. Mostly fine during the other one, though I was already smart enough not to push off it.

Fundamentals class wound down on drilling.

Nogi Intermediate/Advanced

Another warmup, though blessedly short as most of us were still warm from the last class. I was starting to run on fumes in the cardio department. I’ve been too long away from the mats; I got nothing. Then to drilling, nogi spider guard and then a nogi spider guard sweep (Justin’s favorite sweep — as soon as he said “nogi spider guard,” I knew we would end up at that sweep). Drilled with Janet again.

Then some rolling. First with Janet, then started with Guillaume. But while going to mount — to mount, for goodness’ sake! — I wrenched the knee again and had to pull out. I was tempted to ignore it and keep rolling anyway, but I’m trying to be less stupid. *le sigh*

But sitting means you get to people-watch, and I watched as one new guy got choked, then sat up rubbing his neck. When his partner asked if he was okay, he said, “Yeah, but I think you got my neck.” *gigglesnort*

The lights started flickering last night, and I looked out to see dark clouds heading for us and the trees blowing in the wind. I mentioned to my brother that we were about to get a bad storm; he looked it up online and announced, “Winds up to 75 miles per hour” — and blam!, the winds hit the house the next moment.

I asked him to turn them off, but he couldn’t.

No rain, really, just lots and lots and lots of high velocity wind. Knocked the power out around 9pm. We stayed up listening to the storm and playing chess by candlelight. The wind finally died down around midnight, but the power stayed out until this morning around 10. It’s back now, though, and I’m actually relived for the air conditioning — temperatures are supposed to get into the high 90s today.


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