“All the advantages, none of the crap”


The new location is having a lot of delays. The building wasn’t up to the current code (and possibly the previous tenant left things and/or did things that were not allowed, but which we now have to fix), and it seems as if there’s always something new that pops up. So as of right now, we don’t know when we’ll be in the new place; classes are still at the current location and on the same schedule.

Women’s Self Defense Seminar

On Wednesday night, Tim again helped out a women’s self-defense seminar. He also brought several of us in to help. The same lady from last time spoke about her sister’s domestic violence murder. (The story can be seen in the Dateline “Beauty and the Beast” episode.)

Justin showed two techniques, both against wrist-grabbing scenarios. He asked after the first one if anyone had any questions. A lady asked if it would work with a large height difference (since Justin was demonstrating on Tim, and they’re about the same height). So he had Andrew stand up — Andrew is quite a bit taller — and then, to really make the point, Justin knelt down. And still did it, lol.

Most of the women did not seem terribly interested in practicing the techniques many times. Two, three, four times — yeah, we got it. But they were very curious about jiu-jitsu and “what do you do if–?”

Vitamin D

There was an article on Mark’s Daily Apple last week about the benefits of working outside. Then this week’s post was “How to Work Outside Even if You’re a Desk Jockey”, and I was so tired of looking at beautiful summer days through the plate glass that I packed up my laptop and went to sit outside on the grass yesterday. When I came back in (because my battery was dying), my manager asked if I’d done that because of Mark’s post; when I said yes, he said he may start trying it, too. Heh.


Went in tonight. Short warmup. Still no side-to-sides for me while pushing off that leg, but I did do a trip on the alligators (just very slowly and carefully, just in case).

Drilling was a reverse kimura off Shawn Williams’ guard, or, as Justin introduced it, “All of the advantages, none of the crap” of rubber guard. (And the reason for SW over RG is that in RG, yeah, sure, they can’t move… but neither can you; you lock your hips in place in order to lock them down. But in SW guard, because your hips have moved out first, you get the same control and yet keep your mobility. Also, no twisting of the knees. Huzzah!)

Then the class moved on to rolling. I was prepared to sit out, but Justin decided to sit out and keep time, so then there was an odd number, so I jumped in. Yeah, booooy! Got a couple of good rolls. (Also, Holy Cats! I don’t have any cardio, lol!) Still no bridging. Having people on my back sucks because I can’t really use my legs to get out. No butterfly guard, either. But, hey, it’s rolling. It’s moving. It’s almost jiu-jitsu. I’ll take it. 🙂

Moving Day

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but Aubrey will be moving in to my spare bedroom tomorrow.

It’s here!!!

It Starts With Food.

My weekend is spoken for. 🙂

3 thoughts on ““All the advantages, none of the crap”

  1. “All of the advantages, none of the crap of rubber guard.”
    That is great! I’ve been working on the SW guard recently, too. Good stuff.

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