Sneaking in

I played around with doing alligators before class. M’kay, I can do them, though that side stays a little high. Progress!

Did the warmup, though side-to-side pushing off on that leg was a no-go. So I did all of those facing the wrong way. So slow on single legs and on shoot-and-sprawl — and only one trip. Then they all paired up to do armbars from mount. (I could have done it, but there was an odd number so I took myself out, just in case.) On the second round, I got out one of the heavy bags and did my own on that.

Big Jon taught variations off the single-leg takedown. They reviewed that first, then he showed a similar technique off a Russian tie. I worked in on the Russian tie, and then lifting the leg, but didn’t complete the takedown juuuust in case.

Rolling next. I sat for two or three rounds, then with various people needing to leave and others having to sit out, Eman ended up without a partner. So I crawled out there to roll with him (but he is one of the best people for me to roll with now, as he has had surgery on both knees before, so he understands my pain). I did get some knee action sneaking in to nooks & crannies like it used to and some more range of motion than before, though mostly that leg is still worthless when rolling. Too bad I can’t just tuck it in to my belt like I do with my shoulders or arms, lol.

One final long round, where I had to sit again. Several pairs started stopping as the round went on, and I wanted to shake them because I can’t roll but they have the chance to and they’re not taking it and it’s so frustrating whatswrongwithyoupeople!


3 thoughts on “Sneaking in

  1. I never ever stop rolling or decline a roll, no matter how exhausted I am. I want to roll as much as possible and it’s actually better to roll exhausted. It makes you rely on your technique and helps your cardio, so I don’t understand why people do that either.

    Anyway, it’s good to hear that your healing is progressing well! Keep it up!

  2. Glad to hear that you’re recovering and pushing yourself in spite of the injuries! Fallen behind lately but it’s always a pleasure to read about what you’ve been up to!

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