You put your left hook in, you take your left hook out…

Oh, Friday, I wasn’t sure you were coming this week!

Straight in to rolling to warm up tonight. Remembered my mouthpiece, yay.

In one roll I got stuck with a brand-new guy. Was not happy about that; I would much prefer to have known training partners right now. At least most of them have enough control that they won’t hurt me; the ones that don’t, at least I know what they do have. My normal spiel to folks is, “Yes, I have an injury, but I’ve been training long enough that I know how to protect it and will tap or stop us if I need to. You just roll.” And we go from there and I hope that they can forget about the injury and just roll, and I’ll do my limited thing and sometimes stop the roll if the knee gets stuck at a bad angle and will let them have the pass or sweep or whatever they’d wanted, minus the knee being stuck. But this kid got a longer introduction to my knee and a warning. I do not want to mess around with idiots where this knee is concerned. He promised me that he was new, so I had nothing to worry about. *snort* He did at least limit himself to the one or two techniques he’s been taught in class, so that was actually good, though my knee was still getting plenty of abuse as he tried to muscle everything and dig his elbows in to everything.

Drilling was side control to armbar. Drilled with Janet, then a couple more rolls to finish up. All rolls tonight were me starting to do it the “wrong” way and having to stop myself and try again. That left foot it all eager to be hooking again, but I can’t let it. So it was a lot of starting, stopping, retrying, stalling when I couldn’t figure out how to move the right way.

Wowza, from zero to four days training in one week! That is plenty for now, I think, so I’m going to take tomorrow morning off. Probably just going to sleep! 😮 My body still doesn’t seem to know what has happened to it. 😉


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