Book Report, May 2012

Tehee, I has a funny title now.

  • Lights Out!: Sleep, Sugar, & Survival, T.S. Wiley. So in addition to the advent of agriculture, electricity may be the worst thing we’ve ever done to ourselves, as we now trick our bodies into thinking it’s high summer all the time. Tells you why, if you’re not sleeping in a pitch-black room, then you’re not really sleeping. This book is also very (very, very) well-written; I stopped several times just to gape at how well-written it was.
  • The Book of Three, Lloyd Alexander.
  • The Phoenix Unchained, The Phoenix Endangered, and The Phoenix Transformed, Mercedes Lackey. The Enduring Flame trilogy, set 1,000 years after the Obsidian trilogy. In the first trilogy, the world was nearly consumed by the Darkness. Now, one Wildmage believes the world has gone too far to the Light and tries to restore the Balance. I was terribly confused at first because the history from the first trilogy has been twisted and lost and all sorts of things after 1,000 years, so I was confused and thought that I hadn’t remembered the first series correctly. That gets straightened out (and by some old [old!] friends), and then things eventually start to get interesting. The first 2.33 books were actually kind of hard to get through (even though I really wanted to like the 2nd book because I like Harrier), but the last 0.66, oh, wowza: everything gets picked up, spun around on its head, turned inside out, and yet all put to rights in ways you weren’t expecting.

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