“So what do you play? Racquetball? Tennis?”

Tonight I stopped to pick up a new knee brace that Andrew had recommended at Dick’s Sporting Goods before class. I had to ask for help because I didn’t know where they were.

The guy who helped me asked why I needed it; when I said for an MCL injury, he asked me, “So what do you play? Racquetball? Tennis?”

I said, “Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.”

He jumped (!) and turned to look at me. “Do you know a guy named Tim Mannon?”

I said, “Yes, he’s my coach.”

He said, “Tim’s a good fellow. I went to school with him.” And then he was so nice and helpful (I’m sure he would have been even if I played tennis). He kept telling me that I ought to rest it more, but that he knew Tim and knew what Tim’s students are like, so he knew I wouldn’t listen. To which I said that no, no I wouldn’t.

When I got to class and told Tim about the guy, he said, “‘Went to school with him’?! He’s ten years older than me!”

The new brace is very nice, though. It lets me bend my knee all the way if I want to, but still keeps it from going side-to-side, which is the bad direction. It still has metal hinges like the first one I got, but these are a part of the brace and are padded (unlike the first one, where the hinges come out and aren’t padded, so they would dig in my MCL area even when doing normal things). The only drawback is that it has to be pulled on and off; going on isn’t so bad, but coming off after class is not the easiest thing….

I’ve been sore all day! All the little muscles in my inner thighs and chest and shoulders — all twingey and unhappy with me. Sore!!

Giant class tonight. I walked in and the mat had a solid ring of joggers.

I missed most of the warmup because the guy in the store wanted to keep talking to me, then there was a huge long line to checkout, and then I hit every single red light between the store and class. Did not get loose at all.

Jen, the new blue belt, brought her friend Desiree in tonight. Deziree is tiny; she makes me feel like a big hulking giant. She’s also shorter than me, which I don’t often encounter, lol.

Rolling to warmup. I’m not used to wearing my mouthpiece anymore, either; need to start remembering that for all rolls. Felt the effects of missing most of the warmup; so stiff and awkward. My body is still naturally turning to use the left leg as the dominant leg, while my brain is fighting to turn the opposite way, so I’m stalling out a lot as they argue.

I did get to roll the 2nd round with Jen. We had a good back-and-forth thing going on. I think she said she has never trained nogi before, so a lot of the slipping and sliding stuff was new to her.

Drilling was basic guard break because we had so many new people.

Two more rounds rolling. Then I showed Jen the pendulum swing side control escape that I’d astonished her with earlier. The knee was still feeling okay by then, so I pounced on Buddy for a short roll; he obliged by letting me try out lots of things. Yeah, so mount of all things is the most painful position for me to be in. For serious? For serious.


One thought on ““So what do you play? Racquetball? Tennis?”

  1. Love your blog, and I love that I made it on your blog!! Hope your doing great girl and hope to see you back on the mats soon.

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