“There’s too many of you people now”

Tim had the team over for a cookout last night. Andrew told me there that we have a new girl, a blue belt about my size. Awesomeness. I asked her name, but he was fuzzy; he said, “There’s too many of you people [girls] now to remember names.” *snort*

Then tonight I got to meet her. Her name is Jen, and she used to train in Georgia (I think here, because I remembered “Ethan” and “Roberto Traven” and “north of Atlanta”, and that’s the first Google result), but hasn’t trained in over a year. She’d gone back to her school recently and trained, then realized how much she missed it, so she found us.

And tonight we had 5 girls on the mat, which was pretty cool, and which we were all excited about. Big class overall. (And hot and humid!)


Warmup, could do most of it. Janet’s back issue means she has to walk instead of jog, so I jogged along behind her and waved everyone else around us. Her walking speed was faster than my jogging speed… yeah…. Had to step out on a few things because I would have held everyone up, but jumped back in for bear crawls (I can do those!). Then on the wall for shrimping (I only used the functional leg to push) and then single-legs. I did the latter on the little side part of the mat because I had to go soooooo sloooooow.

Drilling started with basic armbar from the guard because we had a couple of new guys. Then on to armbar from spider guard. Knee did not particularly like either side in this. Something always seemed to be tweaking it. Bah.

Open Mat

Rolled with Aubrey and Janet. Trying to find out what the knee would do; getting annoyed when I couldn’t play my annoying hook game. Gah. So many things that aren’t available to me anymore. Meh. I intend to play on the weak side, but I’m so used to going to the strong side that I do that before I think about it, and then I can’t do anything else because that all requires the non-functional leg. Then the knee was done, so I had to call it a night.


2 thoughts on ““There’s too many of you people now”

  1. Good to see you back in class! Hope your recovery keeps on going down the positive track. This part of the spider guard armbar, “be sure that heel is pointing at the ceiling”, was extremely important for me since I have long legs. Before that detail was given I was all over the place with the technique, but I suck at spider guard anyway. Ha ha ha.

    • Good to be back!

      Yeah, that was a very important detail (hence the bold font). I’ve done this technique before, but that was the new take-home, very important, make-or-break detail.

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