A body at rest tends to stay at rest. Especially when there’s a couch involved.

Nothin’s easy. Now I know how people feel when they start something like BJJ while already having a busy life. So many demands on your time! So many things that need your attention right now! So many things that take far more time and energy than you anticipated. So much comfy couch! And so many times I’ve been lost and clueless about how to get myself packed up and out the door. Ugh. (Lol, it’s a wonder anyone ever gets started at all!) Now with nearly 2 months of not training, I’ve found so many other things that can take up my time and have been giving them precedence for so long now that they are the habit and BJJ is not.

*le sigh*

The academy is closed today through Monday for Memorial Day (I’m guessing that means most/all of the instructors will be leaving town and/or busy for the holiday — and/or are taking the weekend to work on the new academy, which is scheduled to open June 4th. Excited!) So I’m going to do my absolute best to get all this other stuff finished off and to reset my habits & brain back to BJJ time. Hopefully on Tuesday, I’ll be back in the gym for good.

One thought on “Inertia

  1. I am struggling with this BIGtime. Work work work, it kills me, and these days, my academy doesn’t have an early am class or a 5pm class… so I have to either stay at the office till 730pm and then train 2 hours (rarely happy about that) or go home and try not to eat a meal (rarely happy about that either) and try not to fall asleep on the couch (have never been happy about that at all.) In other words, I haven’t gotten back into the habit of training regularly yet.

    But at least I’m at the regular gym daily at lunch. Baby steps.

    If you find motivation, please send any extras my way.

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