Oh, hey, some training!

Last Monday, I didn’t feel well, so stayed home. Then Friday there was Virginia Tech’s graduation, so my office decided to rent a conference room at a hotel down the road and work there for the day. I tried to say I’d just work from home, since it would be a 30-min commute for me, but the manager said I had to come in because it would be a great “team building exercise.” Gag. Also, the hotel had the worst coffee I have ever tasted.

So now I’ve been off again entirely for a week, but finally got myself back in tonight. (The worst part about having so much time off is that I forget how to pack my bag, and I always end up forgetting things.)

I still can’t do too much — the knee still resists pushing and turning — but it is still some better.

They started out rolling to warm up, so I stayed on the side and did all the little exercise thingies I’ve been doing for weeks now. Also some mountain climbers, though they weren’t doing so well tonight.

Big Jon — now both a brown belt and has just graduated with his Master’s degree (the latter means he has more time to train) — taught a wrestling-based class tonight. I have always admired how easily he’s able to blend his wrestling in with jiu-jitsu.

Started with high-crotch to double-leg. Then if they sprawl, going to a single-leg. And then, if they sprawl really hard and you’re almost facedown on the mat, “chasing the sock” to get out from under them and still finish the takedown. Jon introduced the latter by getting in to the position first and then asking who in the room had he ever still finished a takedown on from there. Lol, everybody, both black belts included, raised their hands.

I practiced the first two on my own against air. There was enough pushing & turning that the knee was twingy, so I didn’t want to work in with any group. I did finally step in with Aubrey for a few reps on the 2nd one, as it seemed as if there was less stress and turning. Yeah, not quite right about that — I think 3 or 4 reps did me in.

The final one, though, was almost completely doable, as you started on your knees and really just shuffled out and then turned to drive back in. I did some reps with Aubrey, on both sides even, and as long as I didn’t drive over too much with that leg (and it is apparently my driving leg), then I was okay. But after a very short while, the knee was feeling overworked so I stopped.

Why are your knees used for so much?! Gah!

Andrew told me about another kind of brace that might work better than the ones I have. I’ll see about tracking that down. The knee is good as long as there’s no lateral or off-track movements. Any of those, though, still tweak it.

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