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So close, yet so far

on May 1, 2012

I went to class again last night. I figured out that I can do mountain climbers as long as I keep my hips way up high, so I did those while everyone else rolled. Yay, sweating!

Then on the last roll, Dmitri ended up sitting out. I felt badly that he had to sit out just because I was injured. So I after a few minutes of arguing with myself, I went over to him. (I trust Dmitri. I know he won’t go nuts.) He said he was tired and didn’t want to go hard, but I pointed out that I couldn’t go hard because the knee is still dodgy. We went for just a minute or two. I fell right back in to trying my sneaky swingy hooky thingies, but the knee completely objected to rotating like that. He swept himself once, lol, to put me on top, but the knee also objected to being knelt on, so I let him sweep me right back over. I did at least manage to flop around on the mat a little while Dmitri practiced some chokes and armbars.

*le sigh* I miss rolling…

(So annoying — if your arm hurts, you can tuck it in to your belt. If your leg hurts… you can’t do a thing with it.)

End of that last roll, Trey was promoted to blue belt.

Drilling was a half-guard sweep. (Why does it seem that everything the class drills when you’re injured is perfect for your game?)

Some rolls at the end. While they rolled, Tim, Sara, Emily, and I went off to the side to work on the sequence that Tim is showing at a women’s self-defense seminar he’s teaching on Wednesday. The three of us are going to come as well to be his non-threatening helpers, lol.

I did try some shrimping after class. Didn’t push my hips up very high, and didn’t push very hard, and went oh so slowly, but there was no pain. I also tried some butterfly on Buddy somewhere in the middle of class — I could turn in one direction, but not the other.

Soooooooooo close!…


3 responses to “So close, yet so far

  1. SavageKitsune says:

    (Why does it seem that everything the class drills when you’re injured is perfect for your game?)
    I **HATE** that!!!! 😛

  2. SavageKitsune says:

    I think they do- just so that we’ll work harder when we do come back!

    I do find, though, that good learning can take place sitting on the bench. Sometimes I can observe details from the bench that I can’t if I’m actually doing the drills. I can also see what is and is not working for other people. I never come away from a class spent on the bench feeling as though it was time wasted.

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