Progress Report, April 2012

Been out with this MCL tear/sprain/strain/whatever all month. So no BJJ progress.

The knee’s getting better, but still isn’t quite there. I’d say it’s nearly completely recovered for normal people’s normal activities. However, it’s still really pathetic in BJJ terms. Things like push+turn = no.

I’ve been using the same protocol I was given two years ago for my LCL sprain, and it seems to be helping. Icing as needed. Lots of rest. Lots of Skyrim, lol.


2 thoughts on “Progress Report, April 2012

  1. Boo to injuries but Yay to Skyrim. It absorbed my late March, early April weeks (was skipping open mats to play Skyrim. Ugh bad me!).

    At least you’ll be pre-occupied till your injuries heal up 🙂

    • I haven’t skipped any mat time yet, but there are times when I have been secretly — and guiltily — glad that I’m out for now so that I can play more. 😮

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