Baby Steps…

So my knee is so close to almost perfect in regular day-to-day activities. It’s starting to forgive me for making it wear & stand in heels last weekend. I can stand and walk sometimes and completely forget that it’s injured. This is huge progress.

But as soon as I get back on the mat… pfft. Things that seem simple are causing pain. Things that seem easy or small somehow only want to involve the MCL.

I did try a little jogging on the mats tonight, though, just to see — and it actually worked! No pain! I slowed down and turned deliberately instead of trying to cut any corners. Also tried jogging backwards, but that was unacceptable. Did a little Swiss ball sprawl work, which was just on the edge of tweaking it. And later some knee-on-belly positioning on a heavy bag, to get both the bend + weight on the injured knee and the posting. Couldn’t really move around here, but wanted to see how the position was doing.

So I tooled around on the side and played with my knee while they all rolled and then drilled a half-guard pass that Tim said he learned from Matt Serra while they were up in New York last week. And it looked like fun, but then half-guard was where it happened, and this pass involved lots of knees.

Big Jon got his brown belt!

That’s him and his brother, Ethan — a pair of mat monsters. Tim gave him his belt last night at nogi class.


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