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Sitting on the mats again

on April 24, 2012

My knee was doing fantastically fabulously wonderfully well last week, so much so that I was even forgetting that it had ever been hurt. The sharp pain was reduced to a very small movement window, and even then the pain felt more like a small needle jabbing in rather than a whole ice pick.

But then Saturday night I gave myself a setback — I went to my fraternity’s Alumni Dinner because it was the 25th anniversary and I hadn’t been since I graduated 9 years ago. (Yes, fraternity — Alpha Chi Sigma, co-ed professional Chemistry fraternity. Geeks, unite!) So I thought I should go, seeing as how it’s only the next town over. And I wore the only fancy black dress I have, which meant I had to wear heels because the only flat sandals I have are not fancy enough for the dress. And even though they were shorter heels and even though I took care not to stand on that leg too much, my knee still took exception to this behavior and started to throb that night.

I did enjoy the dinner, even though I really only knew one other girl in a ballroom full of people, most of the attendees being either current collegiate brothers or recent graduates. There had been a problem getting the invitations out; mine arrived last Saturday with a note to “RSVP by March 25th.” Yeah, ha, funny. (But they can’t turn alumni away, so I went anyway. 😉 )

The best part of the night by far was introducing myself to the other brothers and telling them my pledge class name. It’s been 12 years and at least twice that in pledge classes since I was inducted — my pledge class was a single letter; they’re now down through “Alpha” and are prefacing pledges classes names with “Beta.” So there lots of jaws dropping.

Fundamentals Class, BJJ, and BJJ

My knee protested its treatment on Saturday night all day both Sunday and yesterday. But even though it was achy and uncooperative last night, I dragged it off to class anyway.

I’d bought a big brace for it back when I first hurt it, and so strapped it in last night. The brace was very stiff and neither wanted to move easily nor to let the knee bend past 90 degrees. The stiffness of the brace actually meant that my knee was working harder to move, which ended up straining it even more. *le sigh* Apparently not my day to catch a break.

I tried warming up on the side, but most BJJ-specific movements activated the sharp pain ROM. Lovely. I hoped drilling would go better, but by then the brace had worn my knee out and the movement involved a side shuffle. Even though the movement wasn’t large, it was enough. And then there was kneeling and bending and other things that the knee just couldn’t handle. So mostly I sat.

Then for the 2nd class, they just rolled. And I just watched, even though I was itching to get out there. But I sat anyway, because even not doing much was making the knee hurt. *pout*

We did hear a bit more about the academy’s move tonight. The official first day will be June 1st, even though we get the space in May; there is apparently a lot of work to do. And they’re trying to see if they can install showers. And there will be a whole lot more classes, including a white-belt only class, an intermediate class, an advanced class, and more MMA classes, and even potentially lunch-time classes. I’m just excited that we’ll have our own space that we don’t have to share with yoga classes or with people who are scared to be in the same building as we are. 😛


5 responses to “Sitting on the mats again

  1. trainingbjj says:

    That sucks that your knee isn’t cooperating. You need to sit down and have a talk with it. Ha ha ha.

    Anyway, I can’t wait till the move, it should be great! Like you said, it will be good to not have to share with people who are scared of us, which is utterly ridiculous.

    • leslie says:

      Lol, if I could get it to bend enough so I could sit comfortably, I might could do that 😉

      Tim has always wanted to move back to Bburg, to be closer to Tech. Recent events have just given him the push he needed to make it happen now.

  2. SavageKitsune says:

    I have three words for you: Metallic ballet flats. Unless you’re going to your own coronation, they will suffice for any event no matter how dressy. High heels are evil. Warrior women should not be wearing anything that we cannot run in or fight in.

    • leslie says:

      I will keep those words of wisdom in mind the next time I find myself in a shoe store (which is very infrequent. But.).

      Although, I have sprinted across a highway in these heels (and faster than the dude who was with me. He was fairly worthless, though.).

  3. SavageKitsune says:

    You don’t even need to go to the store. Kushyfoot folding ballet flats. Silver or gold. Ten bucks online (sometimes you can find them in drugstores). I bought a pair several months ago, have worn them a couple times a week, are holding up really well (I try to limit my outdoor wear, and they are not good in the rain). I get tons of compliments on them. Metallic ballet flats are good for casual, dressy and work. It’s hard to tell that they’re cheapies, as long as you don’t let them get too battered.

    Most importantly, if need be, one can do a flying inside crescent kick while wearing them.

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