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Happenings and Stuff

on April 17, 2012

I just got in from a day trip to Fairfax (well, actually, the Naval Research Lab on the other side of D.C.). Left at 5am this morning, got back at 8pm tonight, with a 1.25h meeting in there somewhere. Thankfully, the meeting didn’t last as long as anticipated, because that meant we got out just ahead of the traffic, rather than right in the thick of it as we feared we would.

P.S. Do not like day trips.

My knee is getting leaps and bounds better (figuratively speaking, of course. I haven’t actually tried leaping and bounding on it.) by the day. I’m so optimistic about it right now that I’m anticipating getting back on the mat for at least some limited work by next Monday.

Speaking of the mat… My academy will shortly be moving out of our current location to the far side of Blacksburg (next town over. The two towns bleed right in to each other.), in to our own space that we won’t share with any other academy. Tim has promised to have lots of new classes. So excited.

Although, as I pointed out to him, I hurt my right LCL when the academy moved from the location by the Mexican restaurant over to the old gymnastics place. (We were in the interim space between the two when I hurt it.) And now when we’re ready to move again, I hurt my left MCL. So I hope he’s not planning on moving again any time soon…

And finally, if anyone trains at Renzo’s academy in New York, keep an eye out because my coach, Tim Mannon, will be heading up there later this week and this weekend.


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