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2 weeks post-injury

on April 12, 2012

Tonight will be 2 weeks since my knee went “kaPOW!” My doctor diagnosed a torn MCL and told me to RIICE it but also to keep it moving.

I’ve been resting it mostly, elevating when I can. Some ice when it really aches, and ibuprofen if still hurts after that. I bought a new, big brace (since both of my other braces have been bent over the last 2 years to fit the other knee), but haven’t used it much; haven’t seemed to need it. I’ve also been doing all the exercises I was given back when I sprained my right LCL: single-leg balancing, elasta-band work, bridging, and single-leg bridging. Which doesn’t sound like much, but the area around the knee gets quite enough work. I’ve also been trying to walk every day — even walked around my neighborhood the other day, which was actually the first time I’ve done that! — and when I take bathroom breaks at work, I also include a trip down & up the stairs just to stretch the knee out a little more.

There’s still a fairly persistent ache on the inside of my knee, though it goes away for a while if I can get the leg relaxed and elevated. This gets me all excited because I think it’s suddenly gotten better (hey, sometimes I’m an optimist). As soon as I stand up again, though, the knee goes all rusty-hinge on me and takes a few seconds to slowly straighten and bear weight. Most of the time, once past the first few moments, walking and even stairs are fine.

The best news, however, is that the range of motion that induces sharp stabbing pains has diminished. I can now bend my knee and even kneel (and even with most of my weight on it!) without feeling like I’ve been stabbed with an ice pick. (And the last few nights I’ve managed to get in bed without wrenching it. Hurray!) Twisting the knee is still a very bad idea (e.g., shrimping.), as is jumping (I thought I’d at least try, and the knee said, “HOLY CATS NO!”), and there are random moments when doing something simple will trigger the stabbing. I don’t like those. However, the total degree of pain even then has decreased. In the beginning, it was most definitely an 8, maybe even a 9 (pain scale), and is now down around 6.

I have to go to Fairfax next week on business again (getting so tired of this traveling crap), though I won’t be able to train because of the knee and also because of traveling with someone else. That means I won’t get back to the doctor until the following week, 3 weeks from the first visit. Though if things continue to progress the way I think they are, maybe by then the prescription will just be physical therapy or continue to do what I’m doing. Also, everything I’ve been reading on MCL injuries suggests that they heal up the quickest of all the knee ligament injuries and with the least medical intervention.

So here’s to being back on the mats again soon when I want to be, and not because some joint decides to go on the fritz.


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