Green Light! Red Light…

My home internet has been ditzy all week. Meh.

So I finally got around to going to a Thursday class. And it was not of the expected variety. Felt rather normal, tell the truth.

Justin and Andrew have a new judo throwing dummy. They amused themselves before class by tossing it on its head.


Short warmup, then rolling. With Emily (a new girl who started coming a few weeks ago, yay!), Buddy, and Adam. My squirrelly guard was alive and well and that made me happy, though I was sputtering on standing guard passes and that made me sad face.

Then drilling was omoplata to kneebar, which was a tad bit complicated, though Emily felt better when I said that I’d never done it, either.

Open Mat

Tim called for rolls. I was paired with a new teenager whose dad brought him in. I think this was his 2nd class.

Red Light

Back in the land of stupid injuries: while rolling with the kid, I’d purposely gotten bottom half — I was feeling kind of bad for tooling him so much and was going to work something. My left knee was on top, across like a knee shield, and relaxed; he had no pressure or weight on it at all (I think he was looking at it, and looking about the bottom leg that was hooked, and thinking, “WTF do I do now?”). Then the left knee suddenly went, “Ka-POW!!!” and exploded in pain.

The kid looked up at me and said, “What was that?!” I said that it was my knee. He pointed to the right one, which was in a brace as usual. “That one?” I pointed to the other. “Nope, this one. The good one.” He asked if I was alright; I said I was and we kept going.

The pain went away for the remaining few minutes, but it came back with a vengeance once we stopped rolling. I had it on ice as soon as I got home. This morning, there’s some swelling in the area and it still hurts; the whole knee is stiff, but I can walk without too much hobbling, though I’m going slow just in case. (Stairs, however, require some work because of the stiffness in the whole knee.) The real pain is on the inside of the knee and is much, much worse if I do anything that turns my knee; sitting down, weirdly, causes the most pain, as apparently I don’t sit down straight but rotate at the knees as I sit. The knee will bend without real pain, until I get to the far ranges of motion.

For now, I’m sitting on the couch at work with it propped up on a pillow. (They’re almost used to me doing silly things like this by now.) I’ve got 2 ice packs in the freezer and I’m even wearing a skirt so I can get ice packs on it more easily. Ibuprofen is, of course, my friend. Guess this means no class for me tonight or tomorrow, so guess I’ll have to wait until next week to beat up some more kids. 😉 If it’s not better by Monday, I may go to the doctor. Meh.


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