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Academy Visit: Fairfax BJJ

on March 27, 2012

After another long drive up to northern Virginia, I checked in to the hotel and took a cold bath. (I need to start bringing my foam roller along on trips, too.) Maggie had told me to come to the Advanced gi class, at 8pm (8pm!!? My classes at home are finished by 8pm!). Then it was time to drive over to Fairfax BJJ. My GPS said it would take 14 minutes, but I figured on at least 30 with traffic, and that’s about what it took.

I stopped where my GPS announced “Arriving at Fairfax BJJ,” but saw nothing resembling anything. The area is an industrial park, and there were just several large buildings with tiny signs. I looked at the buildings around and zeroed in on the one with the most cars in front of it, as that seemed the most likely. Turns out, it was. Got my waiver signed, got changed, and started trying to loosen up.

Maggie wasn’t there yet, but several of the guys introduced themselves. When class started I followed them out on the mat — they line up by belt level and do a short bow in (nothing crazy, but definitely different than we do).

The first part of class was warming up & loosening up on our own. Maggie came in during this part. Then we paired up to drill anything we wanted to, 10x/side. And suddenly I blanked on pretty much all jiu-jitsu. I could either think of really simple stuff (armbar from guard) or weird complex stuff that I don’t even know exactly. Yeah, that’s helpful… I worked with Maggie. I did finally remember the Draculino clock choke from last week and introduced her to it. (Though I think I was going to the wrong side when I tried to explain it. Hmm… yeah, I was. Step out to the inside/across-the-throat arm side.)

Then to rolling. Maggie, Dave Jacobs, Brian (Bryan? A big brown belt), Abmar, and Sarah. I think rolling with for about an hour. Gah, I was all sorts of elbows and silly stuff. Dave Jacobs was fabulously fun to roll with as he is not much bigger than me (but he does look bigger in all his pictures, so I was expecting a much bigger guy, lol).

They said this was an easy class because the Pan Ams are this weekend and this was the last practice for those who were going. Easy?! Crap, I was dying after the first roll! I got a bit of a second wind with Brian, as he was being nice and not crushing me, but then Abmar & Sarah made me work hard. Heh, I tried the diving loop choke on Brian, but he just kept on rolling with me and flipped me right back over. *snort*

Things that Dave and Abmar gave me to work on: After the hook sweep, rather than trying to rock forward onto your feet and come up on top, instead stay on your knees and switch your feet behind you (looks like an omoplata motion) while stiff-arming their chest. (Because trying to come up on top isn’t as high percentage.) This way you still get the two points, but you don’t walk straight in to a reversal. * Always keep both hands and both feet on the other person — these are all grips, and if one is missing, that’s the opening they’re going to take. Also, if one is missing, it could look like you’re panicking and/or don’t know that the other guy is doing. * Instead of getting a cross-collar grip with the top hand in half guard (which helps pull them forward), get a near-side collar grip and push in to the neck (ah, yes, the Amy Schultz move!) * When you’re in a butterfly player’s butterfly, don’t stay there! It’s what he wants. So work your hands down to his abs, then jump your hips up, hands sliding back to check his knees down, and then back away.

Afterwards, I went to dinner with Maggie, Sarah, and Clark Kent (another Bryan/Brian). I had meant to get some pictures at the gym but didn’t have a coherent thought in my head after class, so instead we got a picture in the restaurant:

Maggie, Sarah, Clark Kent, and me

In bed finally after midnight, and then up early this morning for work. Espresso and I are going to be good friends today…


5 responses to “Academy Visit: Fairfax BJJ

  1. educanines says:

    Heh – with Abmar, there are NO easy classes. They are all awesome, though.

  2. Maggie says:

    Great seeing you again, Leslie! Come visit again soon 🙂

  3. US Grappling says:

    Abmar’s classes are never easy. Always fun (and informative), but never easy. And, Dave Jacobs is just all-around fantastic.

  4. clinzy says:

    Ha! I did not mean to change my name to US Grappling – just my URL. Oops.

  5. Nice review! I train at FJJ but I didn’t get to make it out that day. Abmar’s classes are always fun but never easy. David jacobs is the man! 🙂 I love fairfaxjj!

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