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Double Rainbow What Does It Mean??

on March 20, 2012

Wow, hit the 70s yesterday and the 80s today! Of course, then we got a thunderstorm right behind that to cool things down. And when I got home tonight after work, I saw a double rainbow out the back door:

It’s not very clear in the picture because my camera sucks, but in real life both were really clear.


Academy was hot and muggy. Ugga. (At least I’d expected it again and worn my ultra light gi.)

Rolling to warm up, with Tyler and Sara. Drilling first reviewed the choke from last night (which left my throat sore all day long). Then drilled a diving loop choke variation for if you can’t quite get the first. Drilled with Guillaume.

Open Mat

An easy roll with Guillaume. Tried out some fun and/or crazy stuff. My elbow wasn’t hurting today, so I’d forgotten all about tucking that arm tonight. Oh, well. It seemed to come out alright. Today the wrist was giving me some grief, as was the shoulder. Ack.

I have nearly 2 weeks off of being made to feel guilty over missing morning classes, as Andrew is off on business trips for the rest of the month. Then I’ll decide if I want to go in the mornings again. Right now I’m thinking of only going 1 or 2 mornings.


One response to “Double Rainbow What Does It Mean??

  1. Allie says:

    Oh my God, Oh my God! Double Rainbow all the way!!

    Love that loop choke. 🙂

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