A taste of summer

The weather decided to randomly shoot up to around 70 degrees today, which is just totally nuts for March. And the mats were packed again tonight (double-parking all over the lot), so the academy got a little toasty. At least I was smart enough to bring my ultra-light gi

A full warmup, then on to drilling. First a review of last night, and then a continuation to a sweep to knee-on-belly. Drilled with Janet. The whole class was drilling. My wrists and elbows are now chafed from all the spider guarding.

Then in Open Mat, rolled with Janet, Dmitri, Eman (yay for controlled big guys — he totally could have spiked me on my head, but instead managed to do it slowly), and Andrew. Dmitri, a blue belt, hasn’t trained in 2.5-3 years (sometime before I got my blue belt) because of school, but has recently found time and is getting back in. He commented several times that I’ve gotten a lot better since we last rolled. (External validation! Much needed.) Andrew wanted to take my feet home, but I couldn’t seem to muster any interest in attacking his in return.

My left shoulder has been doing its aching thing again the last few days. No tingling yet, though. I’m trying to keep it iced and stretched, but so far it just seems to be getting worse. Meh. My wrist at least is mostly better; it sometimes still twinges as if it might spasm, so I’m taping it when I roll to keep it from bending too much. The spams seem to happen at the edges of its range of motion.

I have a meeting in the morning, so I can’t be shanghaied into class. (I’m still undecided about morning classes in general right now. Maybe it’s too much training…) Then tomorrow night, my friend and I are going to see John Carter (which I already know is ruined in places, but maybe they didn’t kill the whole thing), so I won’t be lifting this week. And then Saturday is my grandmother’s surprise birthday party in Richmond, so I’ll miss class then, too.

And I lost my afternoon to this site: Fashion It so, a blog that discusses not only Star Trek TNG episodes but also the fashion fails. Some language is NSFW, but holy cats, the hilarity! P.S. You’re welcome.


5 thoughts on “A taste of summer

    • So, saw it tonight, and yeah they changed a freakin’ ton. I’m still undecided as to whether or not I like it as a movie. Also, they made it waaaay too complicated.

      My friend had never read the books, and she was very lost. I’ve read the first 4, and I was still lost.



    They took out the atmosphere plant stuff and moved the Therns up into the first movie. I don’t see that as particularly egregious “anti-book” changes at all.

    They kept the strong, smart, empowered Princess stuff, added in the alien slug dog and the special effects. Otherwise, I thought they kept things really faithful to the books and particularly to the spirit of such.

    This was a great pulp sci-fi entertainer – much like the new Star Trek movie.

    What part “lost” you? I found it fairly straightforwards to think about.

  2. Sorry, the comment widget wouldn’t let me post as myself, so I logged into WordPress to put the above comment.

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