Post-Spring Break madness

Man, those were some packed mats tonight! The parking lot was full even before Andrew got there to open up.

Classes flowed right in to each other.

Had a new girl, Emily. She’d been given a gi jacket and a white belt before class started but was struggling to tie the belt. One of the guys tried to help her, but then admitted that he didn’t really know how to tie his belt, either. Doh. So I stepped in and helped her, though missed the first few laps of the warmup. (She ended up without the belt for the rest of class, though; no clue what happened there.)

On the wall for more drills. There were a couple of new guys, too, so if Andrew or Justin was busy helping them with the down-the-mat drills, I stopped to help Emily. Then we went to armbars from the guard; I worked with Emily and taught her how to do them.

One live roll next, and Emily looked a little reluctant, so Tim jumped in to roll with me (whoot!) while she watched the class. He was practicing some of those chokes that Draculino showed at his seminar. I could see them coming by the setup, but could do nothing to stop them.

Then drilling. Setting up spider guard to Lasso Leg. Drilled with Aubrey.

Then partnered up for positional rolling, sweep vs. pass, with Open Guard only. I did a set with Sara, then Aubrey and Emily did a set.

One more roll, with Aubrey, to finish things off.

Rolling Notes: Seriously and for reals, no more turtling. I don’t know why that started again, but you’re doing nothing useful with it and are only getting your back taken or otherwise choked. Find a real escape!


5 thoughts on “Post-Spring Break madness

  1. If you’re turtling, it’s likely to avoid the guard pass. Let your guard get passed and figure out how they did that. Then, you won’t need to turtle any more.

    Alternatively, learn subs from being turtled. I have a kneebar from there that I like a lot. And, if you DO have to turtle, don’t settle there. Turtle, then roll through immediately to recompose guard before they can take your back.

    Former Turtler

    • Yeah, I’m just annoyed because for a while there I was either not turtling or was immediately rolling/turning in, and suddenly the last few weeks I’m turtling and stalling out. Bah! Why did my brain break? Grr.

  2. Argh- your blog ate my comment the first time…….

    I am also spending too much time in Turtle and trying to get outta there. I have had some mixed success with the 2 sweeps described in my March 1 blog post; another thing that sometimes works is to sit out and then get turned (but you have to do it fast and committed, or you get your back taken). What I used to do (and still sometimes do) is just collapse on my belly and then turn to do the foot-crossover escape to bottom half guard, since that always works for me- but I’m trying to stay out of bottom half guard as well, so attempting to do that less often.

    Please do continue to discuss observations on that topic; I’m interested.

    • Sorry, it’s hungry…

      Yeah, I (used to) do the turn-in to bottom half, too. My brain has just decided for some reason that it doesn’t want to do that anymore. Although I have also been thinking of not getting in bottom half as well…

  3. One good way to prevent turtling is to build a better guard. Any time my instructor would come back from training with Rickson there would always be at least one question that would go something like this: “How do you prevent/get out of x?” “Well, as Rickson would say, don’t go there in the first place.”

    Yeah, it’s easier said than done of course but if your guard is passed less you’ll turtle less. If you attack more from guard you’ll get your guard passed less. Also, practice reguarding of course. I’ve noticed the guys with the guards that are really tough to pass and reguard like an untwisting pretzel (flexibility helps for inverted guards) I can never get to turtle.

    Best of luck
    – Professional Turtler

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