Lifting: NROLA, Phase I, Workout B

Alwyn Cosgrove is an evil genius.

Phase I, Workout B

Dynamic Warmup

#x – Exercise / sets / weight / reps / rest
1 – Anti-rotation static hold / 2 / 10lbs / 30s/side / 60s
2 – Elevated plank / 1 / – / 10/10s / 60s
3 – Elevated side plank / 1 / – / 5/10s side / 60s
4a – Dumbbell single-leg Romanian deadlift / 2 / 15lbs & 20lbs / 12 / 60s
4b – Dumbbell alternating shoulder press / 2 / 15lbs & 10lbs / 12 / 60s
5a – Overhead squat / 2 / 20lbs + bar (17lbs) / 12 / 60s
5b – Cable kneeling pulldown / 2 / 30lbs / 12 / 60s

Somehow on #1, I forgot that I had 2 sides, lol. So I held it twice on one side and then continued. Somewhere towards the end of the whole workout I realized that I should have held it to both sides, so I went back at the end and did two sets on the other side. Am a goofball.

#2 and #3 were a little strange, as you were supposed to hold the position for 10s, relax for a second or two, and then resume the position for the next 10s. The side plank really hurt my shoulders, even though I used a very low height for the elevation.

On 4a and 4b, I picked up what I thought were 10lb dumbbells. For the SLRDL, though, they weren’t heavy enough (heavier is better so that you can balance better). Then for the shoulder press, they were way too heavy. Turns out I’d picked up the 15s instead of the 10s. Yeah, that explains a lot… Got things adjusted better for the second set through.


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