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“I am become death…”

on March 6, 2012

“…destroyer of elbows.” Wait, what? I don’t think that’s quite how it goes…


Rolling to warm up, Tyler and Jamie.

Drilling reviewed the armbar from last night first, then progressed to a sequence of another armbar, a triangle, and a final armbar. Worked with Tyler. (Yeah, I pick on the big guys, lol.)

Open Mat

Rolled with Spencer, one of the Salem white belts and a wrestler. I’d met him back at the combined team training down in Salem a month ago, but I didn’t recognize him tonight in a gi. (The words that very nearly came out of my mouth: “I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on!” But I caught myself in time.) He complained that I had a “Janet guard” (aka, “annoying little people guard”) when I kept getting my knees in between us. Yep, that’s what I do.

At one point, I had a triangle, he postured, and I switched to the armbar like we had just drilled. Somehow he started either falling or turning away and I was starting to rotate up over the arm, and then I heard him saying, “Tap tap taptaptap!” I immediately let go, but he was already clutching his elbow and facedown in pain. Crap. Do not break your toys.

He recovered after a minute or so and said he wanted to continue, so we went again. Then we noticed a big stain of blood on my sleeve and started checking which of us was bleeding and from where. Him, inside of his lip. I apparently popped him good in the face at one point. Geez, you’d think I was a spazz who didn’t know where my partner’s face was. I did apologize for being such a bully tonight.

Rolling Notes

For goodness’ sake stop giving up your back!!!!!!!!!!!1 * Remember to use that unfolding-the-accordion guard pass from Camarillo’s book, too. You were right there several times. * Giving up the arm is not a very good mount escape. * Actually, the whole night I was rolling just like I did at the tournament. Pretty much all of the same things that I did wrong there, I did wrong here. I did grip-fight a little bit better, but mostly it was quite terrible.


4 responses to ““I am become death…”

  1. bjjjudo says:

    LOL – * Giving up the arm is not a very good mount escape. *

    Good advise for us all!

    • leslie says:

      My armbar escapes are generally better than my mount escapes, so I got in the bad habit of giving up my arm to get out of mount. It seems like a good idea at the time…

  2. Reese says:

    LOL it’s always the little ones that are the most vicious 😛

    I’m still waiting to spend one day at the gym without being scolded for bullying the big boys. No spazzing but I always seem to hit an accidental groin shot, land on (and subsequently nearly break) someone’s finger when they flip me, inadvertently sock them in the face and so on. Just like…once per day.

    Glad to hear your partner was okay. I had a recent scary experience where my partner did an americana, my other arm was trapped and he’d never heard a verbal tap so he kept twisting until I’d yelled it six times or so and then suddenly realized what was going on. No real injury luckily, but it tingled and felt like lead for a while, and still feels mildly fatigued two days later. I was able to roll a bit more with others afterwards though so it can’t be too bad. Still, it definitely freaked me out!

    • leslie says:

      We have a guy who accidentally headbutts everyone hard during rolls. So at the beginning of rolls now he’ll pause to purposefully headbutt you — not hard — just to get it over with.

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