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Helloooo, Hamstrings!

on February 29, 2012

Tonight was my first trek to my parents’ house to hit the weight room.

I’m doing New Rules of Lifting for Abs (NROLA), which I bought some time back but never got around to doing. The book is based around building core strength, not six-packs.

Phase I, Workout A

Dynamic warmup

#x – Exercise / weight / reps / rest
1a – Plank / – / 60s / 60s
1b – Side Plank / – / 30s / 60s
2a – Split Squat with front foot raised / 10lbs db / 12 / 60s
2b – Inverted Row / – / 12 / 60s
3a – Romanian Deadlift / 50lbs* / 12 / 60s
3b – pushups / – / 12 / 60s

* on a standard 6′ bar (~17lbs)

Home – foam rolling

These are alternating sets — e.g., you do exercise 1a & its rest period, then do exercise 1b & its rest period. Each set was done twice before moving to the next.

Took me a lot longer than it should have because I either had to set things up or had to figure out the weight I needed. I thought at first that it might be too easy, but by second set of RDLs I was quite glad that I was nearly done.

I tried to stand up after dinner, and my hamstrings nixed that idea. Between armbars last night and split squats & RDLs tonight, they’ve had a rude awakening this week!

So it looks like going to my parents’ for one night a week will work. I also plan to put together some stuff to do here at my house — I already have two 50-lb bags of sand in the garage; I just need to get them doled out and in something so I can lift them. Maybe I can get a home-brewed session in on Saturday mornings before Open Mat.


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