Eau de Bacon

My clothes all smell like bacon. I don’t really know why; I mean, yes, I cook bacon every morning, but not while wearing all my clothes! Maybe I’m oozing bacon out my pores…

And while you would think that smelling like bacon would be a good thing, in reality it’s very distracting — I keep getting a whiff of it and turning around to find where the food is.

The stomach flu last week kept me home for 3 straight days. Thursday, I went in to work late and left early; Friday, on time but left early again. Lots of sitting and sleeping on Saturday and even Sunday. I had a brief burst of wanting to cook & eat real food last week, but then had to revert to soups again as my body was not quite as ready as it had thought. I was still on soups through Sunday evening! *le sigh* Yesterday was finally my first full day at work, but I didn’t feel up to doing any more than that.

I did finally buy a real crochet book, learned how to crochet for reals, and got started on a baby afghan. So I least I didn’t waste all my time. And though I’m still very low on energy, my body did appreciate having extra time to rest. (Although I promise, I was gonna give it time after the Richmond tournament, if it would’ve just waited.)

But tonight — finally, jiu-jitsu again. I was starting to dream of BJJ…


New girl. She came last night, too.

Warmup with extra sauce. And I about died, lol. Haven’t had to breathe hard in a while!

Drilling: reviewing armbar from guard. Then reviewing the stacking escape for armbar from guard. Worked with Big Jon. Drilling was for all of class.

Open Mat

Rolled with Buddy. He was being nice, but holy cats, I lost a lot in just a week. Timing is pretty miserable for sure, though I suppose that should be expected.

The Future of Lifting

So, the brilliant plan that Josh suggested back at USG Greensboro was to move my power rack from my parents’ house so that I could start lifting from the comfort of my own home. However, the target room has a bulkhead running through the center of the ceiling, and I’ve measured everything, and that drop is less than 1 inch too low. Plus I would have to buy some kind of mat, which would raise the height of the power rack even more. Argh!

Next best plan — since I can’t bring the power rack to me, I’ll just take myself to the power rack. So starting tomorrow, I’m going to head to my parents’ house after work to use my own equipment. The best part, though, is that I get a free meal. No other gym in the area offers that. 😉

I’m going to start with The New Rules of Lifting for Abs to ease myself back in to lifting. (Though knowing Alwyn, it’s only going to look like “easing” on paper; in reality, it’s gonna kick my hindquarters. Or, well, in this case, my entire core.)


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