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Shattered toe

on February 13, 2012

No snow this weekend, just lots and lots (and lots and lots and lots) of wind. I hardly got any sleep Saturday night. Last night was at least some better; I only woke up a couple of times.

Four of us this morning. Jogging stuff to warmup, then a ~10-min round, with Aubrey. Drilling was escaping the back. After drilling through a few times, we did a set of positional sparring from the back. Finished up the last half of class with rolling, 3-min rounds.

In my first round with Andrew, we were near one of the wood-sided edges of the mat. My feet were behind me, and I felt my big toe kick down on the wood. Sharp pain, and then a duller throbbing, but I kept going. A few moments later, my feet ended up in front of me, and I saw why things were hurting — I’d apparently caught my toenail and had half jerked it off; the nail is cracked in several places, and there was a whole mess of blood. So I tapped and limped off the mat to wash off and tape up my toe.

And then in a following round, my partner slapped my hand to begin and dropped his knee — and all his weight — directly on the (previously) non-injured big toe. Thankfully it was not the already shattered toe, as there may have been a reactionary haymaker from my side.

My toe looked worse than I’d thought when I got home and examined it more. Still a dull ache down there. So there will be much taping this week, and now it’s a good thing that I’ll be off starting tomorrow, so that hopefully the toe & nail will be much better by Saturday, for the US Grappling Greensboro tournament. (Wait, how it is already time for that? And then there’s Richmond next week. Yikes!)


8 responses to “Shattered toe

  1. That sucks about your toe! Hopefully it heals quickly! It’s crazy someone hurt you during a pre-roll hand slap.

  2. Rebekah says:


    I have a question for you that isn’t specifically related to this post (though I do hope your toe heals quickly!).

    Do you think writing about BJJ makes you a better grappler?

    I am very word-oriented, and I am wondering if writing techniques down in detail would help with my game. Does it help you?

    • leslie says:

      I think it does. Having to write things down means I have to remember them and be able to explain them (at least to myself). Sometimes I want to remember a technique from a while ago, and my notes are generally good enough to remind me of how to do it.

      I originally tried to draw things, but I am not a good artist. I am, however, very word-oriented as you said, so writing down the technique is easier.

    • trainingbjj says:

      I agree with Leslie. For me, having to describe it and writing it down cements it in my mind. I think it depends on the person, but if you’re word-oriented, then it’ll probably help you.

  3. binster says:

    Good luck on the comps. Hope your big toe does not get in the way of getting your medals..

  4. Georgette says:

    Suggestion on the toe– having torn a big toenail off entirely in my non-BJJ past– soak it regularly in warm saline. It helps toughen the tissues without increasing the inflammation, so it heals faster and feels better in the meantime. (I happened to do this by taking a scuba dive vacation 4 days after the accident. I feared this saltwater bath would hurt like the dickens, but it actually felt way better than plain water.)

    • leslie says:

      Yay, thanks! Will do that as soon as I get home. I’ve been soaking it in cold water and putting ice on it to numb it because it aches so badly.

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