A barn-burner before competition

Fundamentals Class, BJJ

The mat was covered — covered, I say — in blue belts tonight. Very nice, especially when they’re all showing up for the fundamentals class.

Rolling to warm up, two rounds. With Aubrey and Eman (hah! I know how to spell it now. Thank you, Facebook stalking.).

Drilling was the Gracie Gift Pass, done the right way. Drilled with Aubrey and Janet.


Rounds of positional sparring from guard. Bottom: sweep or submit; top: pass. Then switch top and bottom. Four total rounds, with Aubrey, Ratcliffe, Andrew, and Janet.

Then Tim called for Rob and me to get on the wall (because I’m doing the tournament this weekend & next and Rob is doing next weekend). He said anyone could join us if they wanted to, and everyone did for the first part. Squat jumps down (4 trips?), burpees started in there somewhere between every trip, alligators. Was that all? It felt like a ton more. I could hardly move after just this part. Then he told everyone else to relax, and had Rob and me do (3? 4?) trips of single leg/sprawl (thankfully no burpees) and then 25 pushups at the very end. Holy. Cats. Legs no working. Need oxygen. Everything is burning….

Leaving tomorrow again for Fairfax. It’s not going to work out for me to train anywhere this time (also, there’s the shattered toenail [which, p.s., still hurts], the crappy shoulders, and the upcoming tournament), but I may have a look through some Crossfit WODs and see if anything can be accomplished in the hotel workout room. Otherwise, this was my last workout before the tournament.

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