Frosty wonderland

Everything was covered in a thick layer of frost this morning. All the grass was covered with white, and all the tree branches were outlined in sparkles. Ooo, pretty!

Not awake. Me, Aubrey, and Andrew this morning. Jogging type stuff. Cold mats. Then round robin to warm up, twice through. Drilled basic thread-the-needle side control escape. Then 2-min rounds of specific sparring from side control, top controlling and bottom trying to escape. Then one more set of round-robin sparring, plus one more round for me and Aubrey.

I’m leaving here shortly to head to Fairfax, near DC, for a business trip. Definitely gone today and tomorrow, possibly until Wednesday. Joy. Meh. Interestingly, Andrew is also heading up that way for a business trip (and with one of the same government agencies, too), though he will be much further in (and will probably get to train at 50/50 with Ryan Hall, as he usually does). I’m still undecided about trying to train while I’m there, though; I’m not familiar with the area and not comfortable driving around up there. But if I end up going up there often enough, I’ll make sure I get comfortable enough 😉

2 thoughts on “Frosty wonderland

    1. Well, he goes up to work, and then gets to train with Ryan & Co.

      I’d love to get over there, too, as they have plenty of girls and a female black belt, Valerie Worthington. If I have to stay Tuesday night, I’m really really thinking about heading over there. (They have a Tuesday night women’s class, too!)

      I’ve been to 50/50 once for a seminar, and though we drove in from the other direction and I was riding with someone else, still I might call it “close enough” and go anyway. 😛

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